In what year did you begin working in the real estate industry as a REALTOR®? “2011.” Why do you like working in the real estate industry? “Being a REALTOR® provides a unique opportunity to connect with people and help them in a meaningful way. We walk people through so many phases of life and really come alongside them. We're there for the move from an apartment to a first home, for marriages, upsizing for the birth of the first child or the fifth child. We're there when it's time for mom and dad to move to a retirement home, and for the cross country move when our client finds their dream job. We get to be with people during some of the most important moments in their lives, and I just can't imagine anything better.” In what year did you become affiliated with Semonin Realtors®? “2019.” Why do you choose to affiliate your business with Semonin? “You see Semonin signs everywhere you go in the Greater Louisville area. East to west and north to south, Semonin is there. The company’s reputation has been built on more than 100 years of exemplary service. When a company has been around for that long and is stronger than ever, it means they are doing something right. I want to be a part of that.” What sets you apart from other REALTORS®? “I think this goes back to what I love about this job: connecting with people. When there is genuine connection, candor and an easy rapport, it is so much easier to really get to the heart of what people are looking for and what they need.” What do you do to stay up-to-date/knowledgeable about the real estate industry? “Aside from continuing education classes and company-sponsored education opportunities, I make it my mission to listen to people who are smarter than I am! I could probably be a professional eavesdropper. I love hearing other people's take on how to negotiate contracts and solve problems. I've learned so much just from being in the same room with some amazing agents and brokers while they talk to clients.” What did you do before you began working in real estate? “I've been in sales in one capacity or another since I was about 18 years old, which is ironic because I feel like I've never ‘sold’ a house. What I have done is learn to listen and fish out important details from both what is being said and what isn't, so I can meet a client's need.” Are you involved in any trade/civic or community organizations? “I'm currently volunteering as co-leader of a group at Southeast Christian Church that is specifically tailored for women who are new to Louisville. Moving to a new city can be challenging. Being able help women ease into that transition not only for themselves, but for their families, is very rewarding. Also, I recently became the vice president of the high school parent-teacher organization at Christian Academy of Louisville. I'm really looking forward to exploring new opportunities to give back to this beautiful city that has welcomed us with open arms.” Briefly, tell us about your immediate family (per 2019): “My husband, Geoff, and I have been married for 17 years, and we have the best kids parents could ask for. Our son is 15 and our daughter is 12. We are at that stage where time seems to be moving faster and faster as they sprint toward adulthood. I love watching who they are becoming! I love to cook with our son and bake with my daughter; one is learning to make great dinners and the other is making amazing desserts, so it's a win all the way around. We enjoy hiking, traveling and kayaking. We are a very close family and just cherish our time together.” What do you enjoy doing in your free time? “I love to read, watch reruns of older TV shows and snuggle with our dog, Oliver. If I can get a few days in a row to go back to my hometown in Oklahoma to see my family, it really fills my cup. I have a 3-year-old niece and a 5-year-old nephew there, and they are probably the coolest people I know!” Most people don’t know this about me, but I … “… am so afraid of snakes that even seeing one on TV makes me queasy.” What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? “Lead by example. Whether I'm parenting, working, volunteering or just being a good friend, this advice applies. There is no area of life where it isn't useful. It also forces me to hold myself to a higher standard.” What is your favorite book/type of book? “I love fiction. Reading is an opportunity to use my imagination. I'm always disappointed in the movie versions of books because the way I picture it in my head is far more interesting!” What is your favorite movie/type of movie? “My favorite movie of all time is ‘Fried Green Tomatoes.’ When I was a young girl, my mom, aunts, grandmother and a whole host of women we loved like family—even if they weren't—would get together, pop popcorn and watch movies. So much of my formative years were spent with this tribe of women supporting each other, growing one another and laughing together. ‘Fried Green Tomatoes’ and ‘Steel Magnolias’ were staples. Who doesn't relate to Kathy Bates's TAWANDA moment?!